Yahoo releases Squirrel, a new group chat app on Android

We are sure most of you have WhatsApp or some other chatting application installed on your smartphone. But, in case, you want to try something new, Yahoo has released a new app called Squirrel, today.

Squirrel is invite-only as of now and brings a mixture of messaging app and team chat functionality.

Squirrel – Group chat. Organized

The app features all the basic operations of a messaging app. You can create chat rooms – both public and private. Files and pictures can be shared within the group, along with @mentions to get peoples attention. One can even send Blast messages deemed important and are seen by everyone – like in popular team chat app Slack.

For those who don’t know, Yahoo was the pioneer in Instant Messaging on the internet. The company paled off some years ago with the revolutions of smartphones and not keeping up with it.

It will be interesting to see what Verizon-owned Yahoo does in the coming future. The company seems serious about messaging judging by the app launch.


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