Wear OS to get new Google Assistant features in the upcoming update

Google has announced that its virtual Assistant will soon receive an update on Wear OS platform with new features. This includes smart suggestions, ability to respond through voice, as well as Actions.

Google Assitant on Wear OS

Smart Suggestions – This feature can be accessed via a swipe-up menu. Nothing new, just relevant suggestions and answers from Assitant for your queries. For example, if you ask about weather info, the Assistant will also show you other, the related info you may be interested in, like the extended forecast.

Google Assitant Smart Suggestions Wear OS

Next up,¬†Assistant will also be able to respond to voice in certain scenarios. While Google didn’t provide details on exactly when Assistant will be able to speak, the announcement post lists at-least one example: when you ask “tell me about my day.”

Lastly, Actions, which are basically things you can do using Assistant. For example, you can use Assistant to ask Bay Trains when the next train is leaving.

Google Assitant Actions Wear OS

Google says Actions will be available on all Wear OS by Google watches. All These new features will be rolling out “over the next several days,” the company says.

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