Twitter releases bottom navigation bar for everyone on Android

Twitter has started rolling out a new update for the Android platform with the bottom navigation bar. This feature was first spotted in an alpha build a couple of months ago. And now, the same is stable enough for general release.

It’s a server-side update, hence, if you have got the latest version of the app installed, the change should follow soon.

Twitter Bottom Navigation

The bottom navigation bar is essentially getting the top level┬ásections, like Home, Moments, Notifications and Messages from above the timeline to below.┬áThis is more in line with Google’s Material Design guidelines, which now dictate that top-level navigation bars should ideally be at the bottom, likely to make them easily accessible on phones with big screens.

This change is indeed helpful in jumping from the first tab to the fourth. Earlier, users had to swipe three times or stretch their thumb for the same. With navigations options so close, the ability to swipe between tabs has been withdrawn.

Currently, the tabs take too much space at the bottom, so you see less content than you did before. The tab doesn’t auto-hide either while scrolling down.

It will also take some time to get used to not swiping and just tapping on them. Some parts of the UI are still up top, like the search bar, so you’re not done stretching yet. Overall, though, it’s a good change and something users would get used to soon.

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