Sony Xperia XZ2 now receiving Android P beta 2 release

Google released the Android P beta 2 just a few days ago, and Sony hasn’t wasted any time in seeding the same to its Xperia XZ2 devices. In case you have got the first beta installed on your smartphone, a notification about the new release will be arriving soon.

Android P beta 2

The latest update brings some important fixes, like issues with calls – mics sometimes stopped working and the call volume was adjusted. Also, connectivity issues have been sorted out, including 4G+ crashes, tethering instability, and GPS failures.

Wireless charging problem has been fixed too and should work without any hassles. The issues with exFAT microSDs have also been addressed in the new update. The Night Light feature (Android’s blue light filter) should trigger correctly now, too.

All in all, it should make life easier for the ones running the beta build on their Sony devices. However, some issues are still prevailing, so it’s best to avoid the Android P beta 2 build as your daily driver. But, in case you are interested in checking out the P development, follow the source link below.


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