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A major part of our life nowadays is spent on smartphones or laptops. The virtual arena has taken more than the required time, and it’s time to get some back. In this post, we have tried to assemble tips and tricks to save you time on tech related stuff. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Tips and Tricks

Save YouTube Videos

YouTube is the go-to portal for video streaming and there are times when you want to download one. For such scenarios, just add “ss” between “www.” and “youtube” in the URL, and you are done. Choose the video quality and hit the download button.

Setting Timer

To set a timer on your smartphone, just type “set timer (x) minutes” in the Google search bar on your home screen. The X in the text stands for the number of minutes. Alternatively, you can hold the home button to invoke Google assistant and say the same things. It’s faster than setting a timer in a clock app.

Write a Future Letter to yourself

Well, this exactly isn’t a time-saving tip, but you may still be interested. Ever wanted to write a PS-like letter to yourself? If you did, there is a website called futureme.org to do the needful. You can write a letter and choose when to deliver the same to your inbox. Be it┬álife goals or a grocery list, this comes really handy in today’s lifestyle.

Online ticket booking

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has come a long way. While it’s good in most cases, the travel booking companies use it to hike prices when you visit their websites multiple times. It’s best to do a booking search in incognito mode for getting the best price. This way your search and visits aren’t tracked, and hence, the best price is delivered.

Reopen Closed Tab

Accidentally closed a chrome tab? fret not, there is a shortcut to open the same page in no time. Just use “ctrl+shift+t” and boom. It’s a very handy tip for online users on a laptop or PC.

Battery Emergency

If there is one thing all smartphone owner wish for, it will be battery life. In case you are running low on battery and want to save it for later, the best way to do so is put the phone in Airplane mode. Most people switch off their devices which itself sucks some juice.

Stop Ads While Gaming

If you are facing a tough time playing games with ads popping now and then, switch off the mobile data to enhance the experience. This way the ads won’t be served while you cruise through tasks in a game.

That’s all from our side in this post. In case you have more to add, drop it in the comments section below.

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