Pixel launcher intuitive UI for all Android smartphones

Tired of the stock interface on your smartphone or just want to give it a new look? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. All smartphone vendors ship their phones with custom UI to distinguish themselves from the crowd. However, many users aren’t fond of it and want the stock interface. And in case you fall into that category, keep reading further.

Pixel Launcher for all Android Smartphones

Pixel Launcher for Android smartphones

The pure stock Android interface is only available to Pixel smartphone owners. Pixel handsets feature exclusive Pixel launcher, but thanks to some hard working developers on XDA, the same is now available for all android phones. This launcher is not just lightweight, but also intuitive. The presence of Google search bar within the dock makes it a breeze for everything internet.

To get started, download the Customized Pixel Launcher at XDA. The latest version 1.7.5 is just 2.77 MB in size and features following customization:

  • Select the Number of columns and rows on HomeScreen
  • Google Now Page Working
  • You can Disable the Edge Margin
  • Dark Theme and Dark Text included
  • Enable or Disable the search bar on App Drawer (Include new bar and old search bar)
  • Select the number of icons in Dock
  • Force the Colored Google Logo and Mic on Home Screen Search Bar
  • Enable or disable the gradient below the dock
  • Edit the gradient size on the dock
  • Enable/ Disable the arrow
  • Enable/Disable the page indicator
  • Select the Number of columns and rows on Home Screen Folders and Enable/ Disable the icon labels
  • Icon Pack support
  • Change individual icons
  • Adaptative Icons
  • Enable/Disable icon labels on desktop and drawer
  • Edit Icon Size Stock/Small/Large
  • Enable/Disable Small font on labels
  • Hide Apps
  • Dark Search Bar in Home and App Drawer

Once you have the launcher installed and set as default, there is one more thing left to do. And that is, to get the perfect icon pack to go along with the new launcher. Our favorite pick and the one noticeable in the screenshots is Halo by DrumDestroyer Themes. It’s not just free, but also unique in color palette and design. But, in case you want the complete Pixel look, go with Pixel UI Icon Pack 2 by Saurabh Gupta. This one includes 6880+ circular icons to match the Pixel launcher UI.

Thereafter, customize everything as per your desire and reboot the system for smooth functioning. Hoola!! you have the perfect launcher installed and running.

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