Google URL shortening tool Shuts Down: Favors FDLs

Google launched the Google shorten URL ( back in 2009. The service allowed users to shorten lengthy URLs and make them compact for sharing, along with traffic measurement. Since then, many such services have emerged in the market. However, the search giant has now planned to ditch the service in favor of Firebase Dynamic Links (FDLs) tool.


According to Google, “FDLs are smart URLs that allow you to send existing and potential users to any location within an iOS, Android or web app.”

New and anonymous users won’t be able to access the service after April 13. While existing users have an extension for a year.

For new users, Google recommends using the new FDLs service to create their shorter links. “After March 30, 2019, all links will continue to redirect to the intended destination,” says Google on its blog post.

Google acknowledged the success of the service but highlighted the usefulness of FDLs. The company is pretty excited about them, particularly when it comes to dynamic platforms’ detection like iOS, Android, and web app.

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