Google Play Books app updated with new design on Android

Google has released a new update for its Play Books app on Android. The latest release follows the material design theme of the platform.

The app features a uniform white color theme now across the screen with redesigned tab bar, new typography, smaller thumbnail, and overall cleaner look.

It’s now consistent with the rest of Google properties on the Android. However, the slow manner in which the rollout is happening is bit frustrating. Not only is Play Books on Android getting this design months after it was introduced on other Google apps and services, the Android version is also getting the redesign months after the iOS version, which got the update back in September.

What’s adding more salt to wound is that the changes aren’t rolling out at once. It would be appreciable if Google can sort out these small niggles sooner rather than later.

Pankaj U

Pankaj is a tech blogger with interests in mobile, PC, apps and more.

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