Google Photos on iOS platform now allows you to edit depth and focus in portrait modes

Google has released a new update for its Photos app for iOS with the ability to adjust the depth and focus for portrait mode shots. Until now, the feature was only available on the Android variant of the app. Hence, if you rock an iPhone and have the latest variant of Google Photos app installed, pull up a portrait mode picture, tap the editing icon, and then tap it one more time to edit depth and focus through sliders.

Google Photos

You can do this in Apple’s own Photos app if you own an iPhone XS, XS Max, or iPad Pro, but if you have another, older iPhone then you didn’t have any way to adjust portrait mode depth after shots were taken. Until now, that is.

Alongside this, Google Photos for iOS is also receiving the Color Pop feature. It keeps the subject of your portrait mode shot saturated in color but changes the background to black and white, to further make whoever it is you were snapping simply ‘pop’.

Previously the Google Assistant inside Photos would suggest applying this treatment to specific images, but now you can trigger it manually for every single one of them if you so wish.


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