Google patents a new feature for Wear OS – the AI-Driven fitness

The wearables market seems stagnant for the time being, but that doesn’t mean companies have stopped evolving the tech. A new patent by Google has come to light which the search giant is prepping for its future Wear OS release.


Coming to the patent, it revolves around an AI-driven fitness tracking that helps you be more active and achieve your fitness goals throughout the day.

The AI does so by collecting data like current location, movement progress, and calendar info. This way the software suggests you leave your home a bit earlier and get to the meeting on foot or by bicycle.

All this does seem more helpful than the regular notifications we are accustomed on wearables.

However, just like all patents, the feature isn’t available to masses on a ready product. Let’s hope Google can finish the work soon and release this new feature in upcoming updates of Wear OS.

What features do you seek on the smart wearables? let us know in the comments section below.

Pankaj U

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