Google Chrome to get major overhaul in design, following Gmail footsteps

Google has started rolling out a new design for Chrome browser in the latest Canary (nightly) build. The new design changes are based on Google Material Theme, a reminiscent of what we saw on Android P beta and the recent Gmail redesign on the desktop.

Google Chrome Canary Update

The UI changes in the latest release feature a new a brand new tab bar design along with new rounded Omnibox. Also, a new location for the profile button.

Google Chrome Canary

The tab bar features the most extensive changes. A single tab looks much different now, with a less pronounced tab shape that blends with the tab bar. It’s only when you open more than one tab do you get the distinctive tab shape for each tab.

The tabs are now more rounded, almost similar to the design of the latest Firefox builds, and we finally lose the parallelogram shape that we’ve had since the early days of the browser.

Below the tab bar is the new Omnibox, which has rounded corners. When you start typing, instead of a drop-down you get a floating window emanating from the Omnibox. Lastly, the profile button, which hung around awkwardly as just the username in the top right corner is now next to the Omnibox and shows the user profile image.

The design is currently only in the Canary build and under development. Things could change further before they hit the stable build. If you like to give them a try, you can download the build from the link below. It installs separately alongside your stable and beta builds so you don’t have to worry about overwriting them.

Do note that Canary is the most unstable build, more than even the beta, and is not fit for everyday use.


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