iOS 12 goes official at WWDC: Features, eligible devices and everything else you need to know

As expected, Apple has announced the new iOS 12 software at WWDC event yesterday. The newest release will be made available to all devices running iOS 11 in fall this year. This means the iPhone 5s and later will get the latest software. Even iPads released since 2013 are included in this list.

iOS 12 Features and Changes

Apple iOS 12 Features and Changes

The first major improvement lies in the performance department. According to Apple, the new software is much faster than its predecessor with 40% faster app launches, 70% faster camera, 50% faster keyboard, and huge optimizations under heavy load, thanks to clever CPU boosts.

ios 12 performance

iOS 12 comes with new AR Kit 2, along with a brand-new file format for 3D graphics – USDZ. It’s an open-source format and all native apps on the platform will support it. Also, Adobe will add native USDZ support for Creative Cloud suite.

AR Kit 2 iOs 12

The newest iteration of AR Kit focuses on shared experiences, meaning multiple users can share the same AR experience. Creating content, playing games, or just sharing your creations – it should be very easy to share those experiences with friends. Lego and other companies are on board to create apps with such possibilities.

Photos app has received improvements in search department. Now, you can search for activities, events, locations, vacations, items.

photos app ios 12

There’s also an extra For You tab, where you will find automatically generated albums, suggestions for effects, even sharing suggestions.

For You Tab

Siri has got a new feature in Shortcuts. With the help of this new feature, you can create shortcuts for actions Siri could do – like finding your keys, ordering coffee, reserving tables, reminders. There is a new Shortcuts app to help you create all shortcuts involving various apps.

Siri Shortcuts

The News app is updated with new Browse section, where you can browse by different topics.

Stocks app now gets News inside it, and it will be available on iPad.

News Stocks App

Car Play gets support for third-party navigation apps, so if you don’t like Apple Maps – you can now change it.

Do Not Disturb mode now gets DND bedtime – no more pile of unimportant notifications on your lockscreen during the night. DND is also easy to activate in various forms from the Control Center.

DND iOS 12

Notifications – you can turn on or off notifications from app straight from the lockscreen.

Dismiss Notifications from lockscreen ios 12

Also, iOS 12 now groups notifications by app and topics.

iOS 12 bundled notification

The new iOS will also get you complete weekly reports of how you use your device, what sends you notifications, what time you spent on different apps, among other thorough statistics. You can limit your app usage, say Facebook, by setting a time limit and iOS will stop you after the time is up.

Weekly Activity

Animojies and Messages

The Messages app is improved with four new Animojis (coala, ghost, t-rex, and tiger) and brand-new tongue detection. Yes, now you the iPhone X will detect your tongue movements, yay!

New Animojis

Memojis is the next update for the Animojis – that’s an Animoji designed after you. It’s like an RPG character creation – you have a ton of options for everything – hair, face, freckles, eyes, sunglasses, ears, you name it.


Group FaceTime is the next big thing in iOS 12. You can now facetime with up to 32 people. The feature also integrates with messages and you can dial a whole group chat from within your Messages app. You can join any already ongoing group facetime chat anytime.


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