Adobe Photo Express gets new features in the latest update

Adobe has released a new update for its Photo Express app on the Android platform. The latest release brings some cool new features, making the app bit more useful. These include automatic perspective correction, vignette effect and more.

Adobe Photo Express

Adobe Photo Express Latest Update

Starting with Vignette effect, the feature is not new and can be found in various apps. But it’s good to see the same being added to the Adobe app. The feature allows you to adjust the brightness around the edges of the photo.

Next up, the automatic perspective adjustment is a pretty cool feature. With this feature, you can straighten the tilted photos.

Lastly, the latest update brings the ability to share multiple images directly from the gallery.

And of course, the update notes that some bugs were also fixed. To download the latest variant 4.1.465 of Adobe Photo Express, follow the source link mentioned below.


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