Pixel Launcher Modified to support Android Oreo Features, APK Now Available to Download


Android 8.0 Oreo was made official a few days ago, and the first eligible devices such as the Pixel and Nexus smartphones have already started receiving it. One of the unique features of the stock Android package is Google's own Pixel Launcher. And with Oreo update, the same gets better with new functionalities.

Pixel Launcher Modified to support Android Oreo Features, APK Now Available to Download

The only downside about the Pixel launcher is its availability to only Pixel and Nexus devices. However, the modified Pixel Launcher that worked for a range of devices has now been updated with Android Oreo features and is now available.

The new Pixel launcher (version 2.1) dubbed Launcher3 has been developed by Amir Z, who was also responsible for breaking the exclusivity of Pixel Launchers and made them available for the entire eligible range of Android smartphones in June this year. It comes with a host of new Android Oreo features like coloured notifications dots, ability to swipe down for notification panel from anywhere on the screen, ability to change system icon shapes without having to turn on developer options. There are improvements like the appearance of current data on Google Calendar app icon, pinch to overview, and pressing the date widget opens the default calendar app, among others.

Just like the previous modified Pixel Launcher that debuted in June, this one too has been built using the Android Open Source Project's Launcher3, but with personal modifications done by the developer. And before you ask, rooting is not required to run this launcher. Since it's not available officially on the Google Play Store, you need to download and install the APK manually following the link below.

Launcher3 on GitHub


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