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Remember Snapchat and the Snapchat Stories? Even if you don't, you will get to know the same in latest WhatsApp update. The Facebook-owned company is rolling out a new feature, WhatsApp Status, to android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

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Samsung Galaxy Note7 refurbished units won't be sold in India

There have numerous claims over the internet that Samsung is planning to sell refurbished units of Galaxy Note7 in India and Vietnam, but the same has been refuted by the Samsung India spokesperson.

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Reliance Jio Records 100 Million Subscribers, announces New Plan for Prime members

Reliance Jio, the new telecom giant in India, deployed the country's largest 4G-only network last year. And within 170 days, the operator has managed to get 100 subscribers onboard. Customers have since then used more than 100 Crore GB of data every month.

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Gionee selfie-centric A1 and A1 Plus confirmed for MWC 2017 Launch

In what started as a rumor earlier in the day, has been confirmed by the horse's mouth itself. Gionee has announced that it will launch the Gionee A1 and Gionee A1 Plus smartphones at the Mobile World Congress in 2017.

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